6 Signs Your Business Needs Field Service Management Software

Field service software is a crucial tool for businesses that run by having some of their staff out working “in the field” or out of the office. It is an important way to make sure processes run smoothly for your entire staff, especially since they won’t be in direct contact with each other like they would be if they sat side-by-side in an office.

Field service software is multi-faceted, allowing users to take advantage of its functions in a variety of ways. There are many instances throughout a regular workday when using field service software can be a total lifesaver.

1. When employees need to share information immediately

While many companies have an in-house shared drive, server, or database where employees can access required information, it becomes much more difficult to share this information when the employees are working remotely. With field service software, important information about clients and jobs can be input and organized so that whenever and wherever the employee needs to access it, he or she can.

2. When you want to provide excellent customer service

With the field employees being able to access information and communicate with the office quickly, efficiently, and in an organized fashion, they will be able to better serve clients. Customers notice things like speed, agility, and organization when being served by field employees. They don’t expect that nothing will go wrong, they just expect your employees to be able to solve it quickly and in a professional manner. By using field service software, your company can effectively improve upon all of these aspects and prove to the client that your service is top-notch.

3. When you need to organize field employees

Field service software can track field employees, track their completed jobs, and the software can store data on things like the average time per client and job locations to make it easier to organize your field employees and maximize on their working time. With field service software, your field employees can complete more jobs throughout the day, and you will have access to data that will tell you if there is room for improvement.

4. When you need to organize and centralize information

Field service software allows for companies to centralize information. Since it needs to be accessible from everywhere, the information needs to be well-organized and easily accessible. As such, field service software provides a platform where this information can be kept and organized in a logical way that helps improve processes both in the field and in the office.

5. When you need to reduce expenses

Not only does field service software maximize productivity, but it can also help reduce expenses. A big reason why is that field service software can connect with GPS to help drivers find the most efficient routes to clients. It can also help with route planning, making logical connections between routes so that instead of driving back and forth all day and crossing paths, your drivers are taking care of a set of clients throughout the day that are closer together. This saves on gas and vehicle wear and tear. And it points out just another reason why using field service software will improve productivity for your business.

6. When you need to reduce human error

Having processes automated in a field service software removes a huge element of human error. The computer is able to calculate and confirm many processes automatically – tasks that would take a human a lot longer to do, and which could contain mistakes. Human error is one of the biggest causes of lost working time, many of which could be eliminated with a good field service software.

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