How Leak Detection Systems Help in Mitigating Losses?

Amassing substances has been a tremendously common human trait since forever. Be it knowledge, wealth, minerals or other materials. With the concept of hoarding up substantial amounts, the problem of holes or leaks has also become widespread. Now this brings us to the point. For, leaks can be disturbing affairs. Storing any resource is a […]

Is Your Server Hack Proof – Top 4 Server Hacks That You Should Be Aware Of

Anyone who has the minimal knowledge of computer has come across the term hacking. In layman’s term, hacking is gaining illegal access to any resource which is connected to the Internet. Whatever the hacker does once the access and control is gained differentiates the type of hacking. Whitehat hacking is the ethical hacking which is […]

Importance and Dynamics of an Efficient Roadmap in Project Development

Road map, going by its definition, is a documented strategy created before the initiation of a project. Various strategies that are supposed to be incorporated are showcased in a roadmap. Many factors like, time, inflow and out flow of capital, resources etc are integral part of the roadmap design. Going by its purpose, it has […]