5 Ways to Save Money on Sheet Metal Fabrication

When you need the special services of a sheet-metal expert, you should focus on two factors: quality work and reasonable price. You’ll have little trouble finding a skilled and experienced fabricator, that much is certain. But, the question remains: Will you be able to get the results you want at a price you’re comfortable with? Here are five ways to save some money on sheet metal fabrication.

1. Get a Good Quote

While this seems to be an obvious tip for saving money, you’d be surprised how many property owners and business owners fail to shop around when this special need arises. This may even be a good way to save a bit when you already have an established relationship with a fabrication company. These experts may be able to make suggestions and recommendations based on your original idea, saving money by eliminating an unnecessary “extra” that you believe you need.

2. Understand Your Material Needs

This method of saving is similar to the first. It’s important to consult with the specialist to discuss your original idea and requirements. This professional can help you choose the material for your sheet metal fabrication that will meet or exceed your requirements without making you pay for precious material that you really don’t need. Naturally, you must select materials that will be appropriate for your project. But it’s essential to settle on that material selection first so there’s no need to make expensive changes or to delay the process. Do your best to work with the fabricator to keep things simple and avoid paying for “fancy”.

3. Understand Tolerances

Combine your knowledge of the setting in which the part or structure will be used with the extensive knowledge provided by the expert to determine tolerances that will work. You may start the discussion by insisting on the tightest tolerances and leave the specialist no latitude. He or she may, however, put in a recommendation or suggestion for tolerances that are less tight but will still allow the finished product to perform as you want it to. You can maintain a comfortable price by making changes without compromising on quality.

4. Bends

This is not a brief discussion about the medical condition sometimes suffered by deep-sea divers. This is about such details as direction of bends in sheet metal fabrication. Your expert can confirm this as a great way to keep the cost down. He or she can save you time and money during the fabrication process by keeping bend radii consistent and in the same plane. If you have concerns about this detail, ask!

5. Sheet Metal Gauge

This is a cost-saving tip similar to the previous two in that it seems complex to the non-professional. It may even be a detail that you cannot get a good grasp on until your fabricator takes the time to discuss it with you. As with tolerances, you may have done some research that convinces you to go with the thickest gauge available only to find that your professional can produce results with a less-costly gauge.