9 Reasons to Buy a Trash Compactor

If you run a business, chances are you’ll have to deal with a lot of garbage. You can make it easier to deal with the garbage by investing in a high quality trash compactor. Here are 9 relatable reasons to invest in a trash compactor for your business.

1. Reduce odors from garbage.

Trash compactors often have built-in odor controlling technology, such as an airtight seal or an air filter. This means you’ll have far less odors coming from your garbage, which makes the job more pleasant for your employees and means your customers won’t catch a whiff of the garbage.

2. Reduce pests and vermin.

Trash compactors are a hygenic way to deal with the garbage your business creates. By sealing the garbage airtight, pests like rats and roaches won’t be able to get into your garbage. This can save you money on pest control, as well.

3. Improve the appearance of your waste-disposal area.

When you buy a trash compactor, you’ll have much less trash visible around your business. This gives off a neater, more professional and clean impression to potential customers.

4. Reduce litter.

Putting trash in a traditional dumpster can sometimes result in debris being picked up by the wind. With a trash compactor, the garbage is safely stored in a sealed area that won’t be scattered in the wind.

5. Reduce labour costs.

Your employees will be more productive (not to mention grateful) if you buy a trash compactor. They’ll need to spend far less time dealing with the garbage, and they’ll be able to spend much more time on other activities.

6. Reduce the risk of a fire.

Open dumpsters are at a much higher risk of fire than enclosed trash compactors. One stray cigarette butt could ignite your whole dumpster, but with a trash compactor, all the flammable waste is stored in an enclosed space, meaning it’s much less likely to catch fire.

7. You may be able to save money.

Compacted trash is much more efficient space-wise, and that means it doesn’t need to be picked up as often. Depending on your municipal waste costs, this could save you lots of money in the long-run. That means a trash compactor may pay for itself over time!

8. Prevent unauthorized access.

An open dumpster can be accessed by anyone, meaning people can dump their trash in your bin. With a trash compactor, you can rest assured that only authorized personnel will have access. You also won’t have to worry about dumpster divers raiding your trash.

9. Deal with liquid waste better.

Anyone who’s worked in the food industry is familiar with “garbage water” — that yucky liquid that can drip out of garbage bags. Many modern trash compactors have options for dealing with liquid waste specifically, meaning it can be disposed of in a much more sanitary manner.