5 Key Certifications for Change Management

To excel in business, you need to keep abreast of the various courses in the workplace. It is therefore imperative that you know what certification courses will help you excel in your specific field. One of the certificates that you might want to consider is change management certification. By focusing on this type of course, you can obtain certification for specific specialties.

1. The ATD Program for Change Management

The Association for Talent Development or ATD offers a certificate programme for change management that covers service quality, productivity, and efficiency. You can register for this course online or show up in person. This programme emphasizes change procedures as well as the associated tools.

Students also learn more about the characteristics of a change leader and what techniques to use to make people want to change in an organizational setting. Typically, an online course will cover six sessions or about 12 hours of study time. If you take the course at a specific site, it usually will last about two days.

2. Prosci Certification

Another change management course offering is based on Prosci’s ADKAR mode, which is a proprietary type of technique or a method that can be used by people who work in IT. You can take this type of course at an on-site location. Usually, people participate in a three-day workshop. This type of course is typically featured at holiday or resort locations and is available to take on the North American continent.

3. Certification Hosted by AIM

Another model that offers change management programmes is known by the acronym of AIM or the Accelerating Implementation Methodology. This type of technique can be used for various organizations. This type of programme concentrates on risk from a human perspective rather than an IT view. Therefore, it encourages leaders in a company to strengthen the procedures they are using that involve staff members.

Since human error is one of the major failures in a company, this programme is designed to reduce that type of event. These programmes are available in North America in California or you can also take them in the UK.

4. The CPCM Certificate

Another type of change management certificate involves the certified problem and change manager course, also referred to as CPCM. This specific programme is offered through an organization known as the Global Association for Quality Management. The course concentrates on fixing issues within a company. Therefore, this course is recommended for individuals who manage manufacturing or product lifecycles or developmental procedures. The course covers identification for change and implementation of the said change. It encourages employees to create resilient techniques for coping in this respect.

5. The CMS Certificate

You can also gain certification as a change management specialist or a CMS. This type of certification can be obtained through the MSI, or the Management and Strategy Institute.

The certification course covers the fundamentals of change management and how they are applied in workplace settings. Therefore, this type of education covers the major competencies needed to operate as a manger inside a changing work environment.